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    • C Language

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    Freelance iOS Developer


    • C Language
    • iOS Development
    • Objective-C
    • iOS App Development
    • C++
    • .NET
    • + ...

    1 project listed (Engineering)

    I am core Developer with C/C++/C# with 15 years of experience, last 5 years in iOS - iPad and iPhone apps. I have worked on all aspe... (continued)

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    Game/Web programmer

    Oslo, Norway

    • C Language
    • Web Development
    • Computational Physics
    • Physics
    • Mathematics
    • Mobile App Development
    • C++
    • + ...

    3 projects listed (Computing, Video Games)

    My specialities are: − Programming in general: C/C++, Ruby, Javascript, python, PHP − Algorithms, Intelligent Multimedia Systems − S... (continued)

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    Mohammed Essaid

    Full Stack Web Developer


    • C Language
    • PHP
    • Meteor
    • Database Administration
    • C# Language
    • Application Programming
    • + ...

    5 projects listed (News & Media, Pharmaceutical)

    From a tiny beautiful hometown in the state of Jijel, from a city called "Kaous" I started playing with computer and trying software, m... (continued)



    Development Lead at Apriorit, Founder at Stellarity Software

    Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine

    • C Language
    • Asm
    • Boost C++
    • C++
    • UML
    • Linux
    • + ...

    1 project listed

    I am an experienced system developer. I have written tons of windows drivers, services, GUI, network and multithreaded applications. I ... (continued)

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    freelance developer/designer


    • C Language
    • Mobile Games Development
    • Cinder
    • Graphic Design
    • 3ds Max
    • Mobile Design
    • Java
    • + ...

    1 project listed

    I have worked with creative agency in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Berlin, as well as doing my own art practice. I use technology for interactio... (continued)

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    Software Engineer @ Practo

    Bengaluru, Karnataka, India

    • C Language
    • C++
    • Java
    • MySQL
    • jQuery
    • PHP
    • + ...

    6 projects listed (Electronics, Travel, Engineering, Startups) I'm currently a software developer intern at Practo and pursuing the degree of Bachelor of Technol... (continued)

    Foto colegio ingenieros


    Software developer, passionate about programming.


    • C Language
    • Java
    • Python
    • + ...

    2 projects listed (Government, Engineering)

    I am from Perú, I am interested in sofware development. I want to work in a good team to learn more and more.

    20160216 124902 1

    Hasan Tuğkan

    CS Student with a passion for the field.

    Istanbul, Turkey

    • C Language
    • Java
    • Clustering
    • Sentiment Analysis
    • Weka
    • Natural Language Processing
    • Image Processing
    • + ...

    2 projects listed (Computing)

    I am a computer science student who has been working on the field with a passion for the past 3 years. I am currently working on severa... (continued)

    Chaaba j


    Software developer at Etix Everywhere

    Strasbourg, France

    • C Language
    • C# Language
    • Embedded C++
    • JavaScript
    • Network Programming
    • Parallel Programming
    • + ...

    4 projects listed (News & Media, Computing, Pharmaceutical)

    Passionate programmer like learn new technologies. Interested in embedded programming and distributed architecture.

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    2011 03 12 135245


    Software Developer and Sysadmin

    Ekaterinburg, Russia

    • C Language
    • Bash
    • C++
    • Python
    • Debian
    • Linux
    • + ...

    7 projects listed (Music, Computing, Startups)

    I am a Russian hacker. I found several vulnerabilities in Linux software, got some CVE IDs. I contributed to ALSA and PulseAudio, and r... (continued)

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