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10 years in enterprise level web development


Digital Marketing Manager / Startup booster

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Frontend Web Developer, Mentor and Bootcamp Instructor

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CTO at GUROOS, Solution Architect, Senior Developer, customer-facing consultant


Freelance Product (UI/UX) Designer - Front-end Developer - Digital Strategist

Serge 02

Senior Software Engineer

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All the advantages of a selected community

Hoplance is a curated network of skilled freelancers and reputable clients.

Selected community

We select the clients we work with and we manually validate each freelancer on our platform to ensure quality.

No under-cutting

No more controversial bidding on price. We focus on reliable clients and we promote quality not price.

Diverse clients

You can work for large corporates or innovative startups - depending on your preferences.

Get paid on time

We help you increase your reputation (and rate) and we help you get paid on time.

How does it work?


Validate your profile

Create your profile and set your preferences. You'll start receiving selected project opportunities as soon as your profile is validated.


Be invited to projects

We'll track, qualify and send opportunities that match your skills and availabilities to you. Each worth thousands of dollars.


Agree terms and get paid

Generate your invoice with our simple invoicing tool, and we'll make sure the client pays you on time.


Improve your reputation

Improve your reputation (and rate) by getting a feedback (you also leave a feedback to your client).

Hoplance service fees

We take a 10% cut on your remuneration with a client we have introduced to you.

Selected clients for selected freelancers

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