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Posted by Enrico on Jul 24, 2017

The fear of making a recruiting mistake is legitimate. Businesses often do not have the internal resources to validate a freelancer’s skills and competences.  Hoplance has put in place services to support clients, from recruiting the right expert to executing the project.

Multiple criteria based on your expectations

From searching for the right freelancers, Hoplance lets you apply different criteria – based on your requirements – such as availability, geographical location and hourly rate. On Hoplance, we list only available freelancers and we take into account other parameters, such as response time and number of projects executed.

The verification of past client endorsements is the best way to check the quality of a freelancer. Check the endorsements on the Hoplance freelancer page or ask freelancers to give you references from previous clients. 

For a large project, it is not uncommon to ask your shortlisted freelancers to take a test so that you can validate their competences. This is also beneficial to establishing a trust environment. For longer-term projects, Hoplance suggests testing freelancers for a week or two to see how they work and how they integrate with your team.

A few misconceptions

Let us break three major misconceptions regarding freelancers.

  1. Freelancers DON’T only work on short-term missions.
    This is wrong. More than 50% of freelancers work on projects lasting longer than 15 days.
  2. Freelancers DON’T only work remotely.
    Actually, only about 40% of freelancers work remotely. The majority work on the client’s site.
  3. Freelancers DON’T cost twice as much as regular employees.
    The cost of a freelancer can be from 0% to 30% more expensive than a regular employee, depending on the expertise, the domain and the duration of the mission.
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